Shipping Information

All orders will be shipped on a trackable service. We’ll email you a link for tracking information once your parcel has left our warehouse.


Shipping Cost
Shipping costs are calculated based on the total amount of your order, and the delivery address where you requested. Your total shipping charge will automatically compute during checkout prior to the completion of your order. 

Hong Kong HKD30 (Free Express Delivery for orders over HKD 300)
China/Macau/Taiwan HKD 50 (Free Standard Delivery for orders over HKD 700)
Malaysia/Singapore HKD 100 (Free Standard Delivery for orders over HKD 1,200)
Rest of the World HKD 200 (Free Standard Delivery for orders over HKD 2,000)


運送地址 運費
香港 HKD 30 (訂單購物滿HKD300免運費)
中國/澳門/台灣 HKD 50 (訂單購物滿HKD700免運費)
新加坡/馬來西亞 HKD 100 (訂單購物滿HKD1,200免運費)
世界其他地區 HKD 200 (訂單購物滿HKD2,000免運費)

Shipping Times
Most in-stock items ship within 48 hours of ordering. However, some orders may take up longer to process. Please note that occasionally items may be temporarily out-of-stock or backordered. You will be informed by email and will be provided an approximate date of shipment. Should any unforeseen delay occur, you will be communicated within 2 business days of placing your order.

Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays in Hong Kong and international government holidays. Delivery times are not guaranteed, but are our best approximation.

Hong Kong Express 2-3 Business Day
China/Macau/Taiwan Express 2-5 Business Days
Rest of the World International Standard 7-14 Business Days


工作日為週一至週五,香港及國際公眾假期除外。 我方將致力將訂單於指定的時間內送達,但無法承諾確切的送達時間。

運送地址 配送方式 預計配送時間
香港 速遞 2-3 個工作天
中國/澳門/台灣 速遞 2-5 個工作天
世界其他地區 普通國際付運 7-14 個工作天

Shipping Notes

  • You will be informed by email as soon as possible if your delivery address is out of our delivery service provided by our courier agent. All payment will be refunded in full by the payment method you have used.
  • We shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery.
  • While we appoint our courier agents to carry out delivery, all goods are subjected to local customs clearance formalities and regulations of respective countries. We will endeavor to expedite that all customs formalities for your order but are not liable for any delays, losses or interference due to customs.


  • 若閣下所提供的送貨地址並非我們快遞公司的送貨範圍內,我們會盡快以電子郵件通知您。所有款項將以您使用的付款方式全額退還。
  • 倘若運送有延遲,我方不會負擔客戶因訂單晚到之任何損失
  • 我們會安排指定的快遞/郵政負責運送您的訂單。所有貨品運送仍視乎每個國家的清關手續及法規而定。我們會努力幫您的訂單加速清關,但我們對報關時造成的延遲或損失等不會承擔責任。