Over forty years in the business, we strive to grow with the ever-changing fashion industry to ensure products with high standards and quality services that meet the needs of our customers.

Mr. Ephesian Ma Mok Sing
Founder of Orchidee Exclusive Limited

MELANI was founded in Hong Kong in 1986. The brand offers a full range of women’s apparel and accessories, characterized by its modern and feminine styling. It has expanded over the years through its exclusive retail network inHong Kong.

In 2006, affiliated brand Melani di moda was launched, followed by Passion 1 by Melani. Both brands aim to provide additional choices to fashion lovers of different styles and age groups.

Now Melani di moda is a well-loved select-shop which constantly explores and introduces quality international labels, offering shoppers a diversified selection of women’s wear. Our product range includes ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, and accessories.


Orchidee Exclusive Limited

MELANI於1986年在香港成立,為現代女性提供優雅上班服及配飾。 品牌多年來在香港的獨家零售網絡不斷發展。

於2006年附屬品牌Melani di moda與Passion 1先後推出市場,為不同風格和年齡的時裝愛好者提供更多的選擇。

近年,Melani di moda以select shop模式,帶來一股清新的時裝風格。除了自家品牌外,還從歐美引入多個實力品牌,為消費者提供多元化的潮流選擇。產品包括服裝、鞋、手袋及各類型的配飾。